vShare for Windows

vShare is one of the revolutionary app for iOS and Android. It allows you to install paid apps for free to test and enjoy. vShare is one of the first third-party app stores available on both major platforms that allow you to install, manage, and update apps. 

vShare Helper (89MB)

vShare Helper for PC is only supported for Windows but it is very useful when you have problems downloading vShare into any of your iOS devices whether it is your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It is meant to let you download vShare with ease so you can handle things between vShare market and your iOS device making it easier for you to gain access to your favorite apps and games which were beyond your reach without jailbreaking your iOS device.

vShare was launched on 13th September 2011 and has been working ever since to make it easier for its users to reach and download their favorite apps and extensions which are otherwise paid and are very expensive. Everyone knows about the risks involved in jailbreaking your iOS devices but vShare lets you enjoy all the perks of jailbreaking without actually jailbreaking your iPhone. Previously one could only achieve this through Cydia and jailbreak due to the root level exposure.  

How to Download vShare for Windows

vShare download pc

There are many reasons for one to choose vShare over anything else to enjoy free apps, extensions, and themes.  vShare has done its best to make it easier for users to download vShare on their iOS devices.  Previously, only jailbreak users could install vShare but now you can download vShare for Windows directly on your iOS device with the help of your Windows PC.  vShare has launched an exceptional app called vShare Helper for you to download vShare for Windows on your PC first.  Then you can transfer this facility to you iOS devices and get any apps available in the Apple App Store and iTunes through vShare market for free.

This is the difference between vShare and Apple’s official App Store that you can access everything for free and use the Apps which have not even been launched officially yet.  vShare Helper solves all your troubles by giving you easy access to the best possibilities.

You can download vShare on your iOS device with the help of vShare Helper. Otherwise you would need Cydia and jailbreak if you want to download vShare directly to your iOS device.  vShare Helper app is only a utility that makes it easy for you to download vShare on your iOS device using your Windows PC.  

Download vShare Helper for PC

vShare Helper app is developed by vShare developers themselves to make the process of downloading vShare on your iOS device easy and straightforward.  Follow the step by step guide below to know how to install vShare Helper for PC and use it to install vShare on your iOS device.

  • Open browser, go to official vShare website, and download vShare Helper.
  • Once it downloads, run the installer to fully install vShare Helper on your computer.

vShare helper installation win10

  • vShare Helper has its own installation wizard and you can follow it to proceed.
  • On completion, vShare Helper will load on your computer automatically. It will take a minute or two.
  • Now you will find vShare icon on your desktop.

install vShare on iPhone

  • Click on the icon to load vShare Helper.
  • Connect your iOS device to computer and vShare Helper will automatically identify it through iTunes.
  • Use vShare Helper to install vShare app Market on your iPhone or iPad device.

That’s it. This way you can download and install vShare Market and enjoy apps and tweaks that were not available easily before.   This is the easiest way to get jailbreak like freedom on your iOS device.