vShare iOS 10.3.3

Looking for vShare for iOS 10.3.3? If yes, you are at right place. For starters, vShare is one of the most popular vShare Market Downloadapplication installer available for iPhone and iPad devices. It was once topping charts in Cydia but, the lack of proper jailbreak for iOS devices made things difficult for everyone. Apple introduced improved security protocols in iOS that makes jailbreaking nearly impossible for everyone. Luckily, vShare is back with a support for iOS 10.3.3 firmware. It allows you to enjoy the same functionality but without a jailbreak.

You can download vShare for iOS 10.3.3 without a jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad device. You no more have to wait for a jailbreak tool release event. All new vShare for iOS 10.3.3 is ready to download and install directly on iPhone and iPad devices. It is available for all range of iOS devices running the latest firmware except the iOS 11 beta running devices.

vShare is becoming the best alternative to a jailbreak and Cydia itself. Over the years, the developer team behind vShare has worked on their services and application to make it more smooth and compatible with latest iOS security protocols. Apple doesn’t like applications like vShare on iOS, and with every new iOS update, we go to square one with vShare compatibility support.

Today, I am going to share a method that allows you to download vShare on iOS 10.3.3 running devices. It is pretty straightforward and simple, even for beginner users. All you need is basic understanding of vShare, such as, how it works and how you can use it to download iOS applications and games for free. vShare is already popular enough to break the internet. It is immensely liked by iPhone and iPad users who doesn’t like to jailbreak their devices.

Without any doubts, we know for sure Apple doesn’t like third-party App Stores like vShare for iPhone and iPad devices. Developers behind apps like vShare SE are working hard to stand against corporation like Apple. In the past days, Apple was all about fixing jailbreak exploits and one can say they have successfully shutted down the jailbreak community. There is no more jailbreak solution available for general users. It leaves you to use apps that are alternative of Installous.


There are three different methods to install vShare on your device. We have mentioned all possible methods that allow you install the app. You can choose whatever method seems feasible to you.


In earlier days, vShare allowed users to install the application directly loading their website on Safari browser. However, things are changed now. You may not able to access the download directly on your device by loading their website but you may need a third-party service provider.

Step #1: Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad (make sure you are not in private mode)

Step #2: Browse to vShare’s website using the mentioned address “vsharedownloadapp.com”

Step #3: Once the website loads, all you have to find for the share menu on Safari – as shown in the below mentioned image.

Step #4: Tap on Share button, and tap on “Add to Homescreen” – it will load the vShare Pro shortcut on your iPhone or iPad device.

Step #5: Now, go back to Homescreen and you will get a vShare app icon your device. Just launch it, and it will load vShare without a jailbreak or any computer.

Note: In case, this method doesn’t work you can always opt for other methods that are mentioned below in this article.


download vshare se app

The other method to load vShare on your device is to use vShare Helper application on your Windows running computer. Unfortunately, vShare Helper is not available on macOS machines so you might have to use the workaround we mentioned here.

Step #1: Make sure your device have more than 50% battery, and also a working internet connection.

Step #2: You also need lightning cable, and iTunes installed on your device to set up initial connect between your computer and iOS device.

Step #3: Remove Passcode and Turn off iCloud temporarily on desired iPhone or iPad device.

Step #4: Download vShare Helper from here (Windows / macOS)

Step #5: Installation process of vShare Helper is very simple. All you have to do is click next, next and next (for detailed tutorial, you can check our tutorial here)


Step #6: Connect your device to vShare Helper, and it will automatically loads up your connected iPhone and begin installing vShare. In case, if you are confused, you can read our detailed review here how you can install using vShare Helper.

It is important for you to understand the system behind vShare Helper and why it is required to use. Apple is cracking down against possible methods to download vShare on your devices using Safari. The developer team behind the App Store came up with their standalone application that surpasses the Apple security measurements and directly install the app on your devices.


The other method to download vShare for iOS 10.3.3 is to use the jailbreak solution. Right now, there is no jailbreak tool available in the market that supports iOS 10.3.3 firmware version. It is fair to rule out this method as a viable method to install vShare app on iPhone/iPad devices.