Download vShare Helper for Windows & Mac (Legacy)

vShare Helper has changed everything for iPhone and iPad users. Jailbreak tools used to allow users to enjoy paid apps for free, but things have been changed. We now have a vShare app that allows you to install premium apps on iOS devices. Before vShare, people were dependent on jailbreak tools to enable their devices to get mods and tweaks. The maker behind vShare has introduced the vShare Helper to allow non-jailbroken devices get the same perks.

You no more have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device to install paid apps for free. vShare has a wide range of iOS apps available for free that you can download. It is available for free of cost. The installation process is straightforward. It doesn’t require technical steps like jailbreaking used to had. vShare Helper works as an iTunes for vShare users. It lets you download vShare directly on your device.

Download vShare Helper

vShare Helper (89MB)

vShare Market is popular for its notorious features for iPhone and iPad devices. It allows users to get every other kind of iOS applications without going through Apple’s iOS AppStore. Apple is against the usage of vShare and Jailbreak tools, but vShare has so far kept itself one step ahead. The developers behind vShare introduced the vShare Helper software to fight against Apple’s mechanism to block vShare on the iOS environment.

What is vShare Helper?

A vShare Helper is a tool similar to iTunes on Windows and Mac. It allows you to download vShare Pro directly on your iPhone and iPad devices. Using vShare Helper, all you have to do is connect your iOS device with a computer running vShare Helper, and it will install the pirated apps marketplace.

install vShare on iPhone

Unlike other tools, vShare Helper comes directly from the vShare Team, and it offers plenty of additional features such as premium backup of your devices and detailed information. You can use vShare Helper to install or remove vShare directly from iOS devices.

It was introduced back in 2016 to fight against Apple’s new security measures that started blocking vShare on iOS firmware. The developer team worked upon a new scheme to make vShare working again with vShare Helper. It helped them secure more Apple Enterprise Developer Certificates from expiring or voiding. There are already millions of iOS users that are using vShare Helper to get apps on their devices.

vShare Helper Introduces vShare Pro

With the introduction of vShare Helper, they introduced vShare Pro aka vShare Professional version that runs smoothly on latest iOS firmware versions. vShare is available for iOS 10 users including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can easily download vShare Pro using the vShare Helper tool on your computer.

If you are a macOS users, you may need to install vShare Helper on the virtual machine to get it working for you. The developer team behind vShare lacks in OS X development, and they are currently supporting Windows version only. Here we have covered the detailed guide about how to get vShare Mac.

Is It Safe to Download vShare Helper?

You must be wondering if it is safe to download vShare Helper or not. No worries, we are going to discuss the vShare safety in details here. The official website of vShare app mentions Helper as their utility for iPhone and iPad users. It works best for non-jailbreak users.

As you know, the jailbreak variant of vShare can be installed using vShare’s official website or going through Cydia repository. However, it also opens your device to some security risks, unlike the non-jailbreak method which prevents most of the attacks on your devices.

It is pretty safe to use vShare Helper on your computer. We have checked the program through plenty of antivirus programs, and you can download it from official website only. The team behind vShare Helper is kept updating the tool once in awhile to make sure it protects users data. Furthermore, the vShare team runs both manual and automatic scans on applications that go available in the marketplace to keep them clean and safe for majority users.

If you are here to compare vShare Helper with iTunes or anything that comes from Apple, then it is going to be an unfair comparison. Apple runs thousands of security engineers to make sure their applications stay secure, while apps like vShare are developed by a bunch of developers who know their way to achieving certain goals in iOS.

How to Download vShare Helper on Windows

The process to download vShare Helper is very easy and straightforward. You can quickly get vShare Helper on Windows using the official website. Later on, it can be used to tweak your iOS device and install the vShare app on it. Here is step by step guide on how to download vShare Helper for your iPhone or iPad device:

Requirements for vShare Helper Installer:

  • You need to have an updated OS installed on your computer.
  • A working internet connection to download vShare Helper.
  • Latest iTunes are running on your computer to avoid incompatibility issues.
  • Supported iOS firmware version installed on your device. vShare usually supports every other iOS firmware; it rarely acts up with iOS compatibility.

Step 1: Open browser (Google Chrome/Firefox) to browse the official vShare website, and download vShare Helper.

Note: If you are a macOS user, you can use our vShare Mac guide to install vShare Helper on Mac.

Step 2: Once the download completes, you need to run the installer to install vShare Helper on your computer fully.

vShare download pc

Step 3: vShare Helper comes up with its installation wizard. It will ask you about the installation path, and how to proceed further.

vShare helper installation win10

Step 4: On completion of the basic installation, Helper will automatically start loading on your computer. Give it a minute or two to completely start its services on Windows computer.

Step 5: Once done, you can find the vShare icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

install vShare on iPhone

Step 6: Click on the vShare icon, and it will load the vShare Helper.

Step 7: Connect your device to the computer, and vHelper will automatically identify it using iTunes Software.

vShare Helper download

Step 8: Now you can use vShare Helper to install vShare app Market on your iPhone or iPad device.

Step 9: That’s it. Now you can access the vShare Market full of apps and tweaks that are not available easily.

As you can notice, it is pretty straightforward to get vShare Helper running on your computer. It rarely acts up with anything. In case if vShare Helper is unable to identify your iOS device, you can uninstall and reinstall iTunes on PC to repair the communication drivers for your device.

vShare Helper isn’t the only way to get the vShare app on your device. There are plenty of other applications available for iOS which require less or no computer interaction. We know people want to install apps and jailbreak tweaks without a computer. Therefore, we have a detailed guide up to let you know how to install the vShare app without a computer on your iOS device.

If vShare Helper Download Doesn’t Work, Here’s Alternative!

Option #1: You can directly use the vShare website if you are running a jailbroken device. It will start downloading the vShare app on your device directly without using Helper or computer.

Option #2: Mojo Installer is available for all latest version of iOS firmware. You can use Mojo Installer to download vShare directly on your iPhone or iPad.

We have gathered everything you need to know about vShare Helper. If anything doesn’t work out, you can always approach our vShare Support Team to help you get vShare Helper.