PlayBox HD

Popcorn time used to be the fittest apps for movies and TV shows streaming.

Movie box is also one of the fine apps in this regard. Now a days, PlayBox HD has also come into the ring and replicated the ideas of Movie box and Popcorn time with its great services and has proved itself a good alternative for the movie and shows lovers. It is available on IOS devices only and can be downloaded easily via Vshare. One fine thing is you do not need to jailbreak your device in order to download PlayBox HD. You can simply download it and enjoy watching TV shows and movie streaming.

Actually, Play Box HD is not a new app in the market. It was developed some years ago by TRi Nguyen. It looks similar to the movie box and popcorn time apps  but it has actually a lot of differences and it is also updated with the latest IOS 10.. If you are using popcorn time and movie box apps in order to stream your movies r shows and facing difficulties in using them, then you should move on the PlayBox HD.

You have to do some effort to download PlayBox  HD app because it is not going to be a simple matter. It is one if those apps which Apple does not like because you will be going to bypass Apple`s security. If you managed to download it that is fine but you come across with an error message popped up as “ Untrusted Enterprise Developer”, then you need to follow this step by step guide in order to make it work for your IOS device.


  1. Download vShare using the link below.
  2. Open vShare and just tap on Search
  3. Type PlayBox HD
  4. Choose the version which corresponds with your ios device and download it.

Install PlayBox HD  and when you are done , you can now start with streaming your shows and movies.

If you do face the same error message “ untrusted enterprise developer”, open Settings>General>profile and find the certificate. Click on trust and you are done without any issues.

Play bos HD is one of the best Alternatives for streaming tv shows, movies, cartoons on your ios devices without the headache of waiting for the jailbreak. If you still want to do it through the jailbreak  route, you can also do that.

  1. Cydia Download
  2. Open the cydia icon and allow it to configure
  3. Open Cydia again and this time tap on Manage > Sources > Add Source and then type in the search  box

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