Fix vShare Errors – Not Working

vShare is a powerful third-party app store for both iOS and Android. Although, the developers behind it takes no time to fix the app and release regular updates. However, it does have its down time. And lots of people panic when they can’t access vShare on their devices. Therefore, here we have all the common vShare errors and the fixes.

Nothing comes in perfect. vShare has its own fair number of issues when it perform download and installation process. Usually, users end up scratching their heads just because they missed a single step or didn’t followed the guide step to step. If you ever found yourself in that place, you can always check out this section to learn more about how you can easily fix vShare on iOS.

Common vShare Errors and Solutions:

Fix vShare – Error 1: Cannot Install Downloaded Apps:

In some cases, we have heard people successfully downloaded vShare app on their devices but they faced annoying issue of unable to install apps that they downloaded through vShare app. It can happen due to multiple issues, but we can start with fixing one by one.

  • Close all running apps in the background.
  • Restart your iPhone/iPad and try hard resetting it.
  • Try start downloading apps using vShare Helper.
  • This time try install apps directly from vShare Helper.
  • It will fix the issue.

Fix vShare – Error 2: Cannot Connect to SSL Cert:

It is pretty common to get an error saying “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv. api error” – in case of this error, you need to follow these steps to fix it:

  • Close all tabs in Safari browser.
  • You have to close all apps running in the background. Double tap on home screen to make sure no other app is running in the background.
  • Remove vShare and Download vShare again on your device.
  • Connect to some other network, and try again using vShare. If error stays remain, you can restart your device to finally fix the error.

vShare Error – White Screen Fix

Are you facing white screen when launching vShare application? You are not alone. There are many reports of white screen error. You can fix vShare white screen by following this guide:

  • Launch Settings app on iOS
  • Scroll to Safari setting and then tap on Clear Website Data
  • Close Settings app, and launch vShare app to try again!

vShare Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error Fix

Running out of trusted enterprise developer error is very common for applications like vShare and others. Apple is very strict and regularly invokes their certificates. No need to worry, here is how you can obtain a fresh certificate.

  • Download vShare helper on your computer
  • Connect your iOS device through lightening cable
  • Launch vShare Helper to fix the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error
  • vShare helper will automatically fix it
  • Now launch vShare app!