vShare for Mac OS

For those who don’t know what vShare is must already know what jailbreaking is. vShare lets you enjoy all the perks of a jailbroken iOS device without undergoing the risks of jailbreaking your iPhone. vShare is AppStore within the App Store. vShare has developed over the years to make every App more reachable and free for its fans. vShare is the best alternative to  Cydia or other jailbreaking tools. What makes vShare the best app installer is its most desired feature i.e. it allows you to download apps and tweaks without jailbreak. After vShare for iOS devices, vShare launches vShare Helper for your Windows PC and Mac.

Download vShare for macOS

vShare Market DownloadUnfortunately, one cannot install vShare Helper tool to Mac directly at the moment but as usual, vShare has tweaked around ways for you to get access to all apps, extensions, and themes for free after installing vShare Helper tool for Mac.

There are already several alternatives available to vShare, such as HipStore, Mojo Installer but vShare is best of all. It gives you free access to paid apps and minimum number of annoying ads in the app. Furthermore, vShare app is so far one of the most secure applications that give you such functionality. Developers behind vShare have worked very closely with iOS security to highlight loopholes that allow their device to just install apps other than messing with core systems.

You can download vShare without jailbreak and this is one of the biggest selling points of vShare. It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. You can easily remove vShare from your device and there is no need to reset your device every time.

How to Download vShare for Mac (Legacy)

vShare Helper is developed by the vShare team to make vShare download procedure easy and secure. It works similar to iTunes. It allows you download vShare directly on your iPhone or iPad. vShare Helper is available for Window users only. If you are a MacOS user, you can follow vShare Mac guide to get it working for you on Mac.  Basically, you need to install a Virtual Machine on your Mac and then proceed with the download of vShare for Mac.    We will be using VM named Parallel for this tutorial:

  • Follow the link: trial.parallels.com and download Parallel Mac OSX App. You have to pay for this App for full version but it also gives 14 days free trial.
  • Once downloaded, install Parallel for Mac and then install Windows inside the Parallel app. The Windows is not free but you can download a trial version of windows by becoming a member of Windows Insider Program, follow this link: insider.windows.com
  • Once done, download Windows 10 technical Preview from within Parallel.
  • Locate your downloaded .ISO file inside Parallel and click to open it.
  • Open Windows 10 Technical Preview in the newly downloaded Parallel app
  • Now you will install Windows 10 on your Mac.  Make sure to check ‘always removable’ option.
  • The next step is to create a user account.

vShare download pc

Now all you need to do is download and install vShare Helper like you normally do on a Windows PC.  You can find the full tutorial to do so here.

vShare App Market Download Using Virtual Machine

There is no direct way to download vShare on macOS running machines. There is no support for MacOS users. However, we heard vShare team is working on bringing their official vShare Helper app on macOS. In the meantime, users are suggested to use virtual machine methods. There is no alternative available to virtual machine. If you want to download vShare on your Mac, then you have to go with Virtual Machine method. It is easy and quick. In case if it doesn’t work for you, our team is always there to help you in downloading and installing vShare app.

The other method to install vShare on your iPhone is to use the official method of installing it through their website. You can always use that method if it works for you. Jailbreak users can use vShare’s official repository of Cydia to download vShare SE app for their devices. However, if you are left with no other option then this tutorial is curated only for you. You can use it to download vShare for Mac.