vShare iOS 11

If you are looking for vShare iOS 11, then you come at right place. We just know a method that allows you to download vShare for iOS 11 running devices. There was a time when vShare was the most popular app out there, limited to jailbreak users only. It was the one of the real reason behind people opt to jailbreak their iOS devices, but Download vSharenot anymore. Lucky us, we can now install vShare iOS 11 without a jailbreak solution, which means you can do it as well.

Today, we will be discussing all the possibilities of downloading latest vShare for iOS 11 without modifying the iOS firmware. Developers behind vShare have made remarkable changes to the core of their service and enabled plenty of new features. Latest vShare for iOS 11 is available to download using all three methods that we repeatedly covered on our technical blog for readers. In case, if you are a new vShare user, you can always read the whole tutorial part to get the grasp of steps you would be making later in this article.

A little bit of background to vShare would be an excellent start for people who are new here. vShare is one of the App Store that allows both iPhone and Android users to install apps, games, and utilities that are usually not found on traditional App Stores. Also, it will enable you download apps for free that are paid; many can see this as piracy. We also dislike this factor of vShare, but it is helping people around the world to decide before they invest their money on some app. So, just take this whole information for educational purposes only.


Yes, vShare for iOS 11 is officially available. There is no more need to run any trick to get it working on your device. We have updated our article with the latest information about how you can download vShare iOS 11 directly on your device.

If you are worried about the security of vShare, and asking about if vShare is Safe? – You can read our detailed review of vShare, and it’s core services that are being offered to you for free of cost. They are more reliable and secure than ever. Developer team behind the software has changed their dependence on Safari exploit, moved towards utilizing more strong entry points.


You can use three different methods to download and install vShare iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad. It depends on you, and the feasibility of meeting the requirements that are required.


A proxy method allows you download vShare directly on your device using vShare’s official website. It requires you to use a third-party site like ours to surpass Apple’s security in Safari, and direct sideload vShare iOS app on your device.

Here is how you can use it to get latest vShare on iPhone and iPad:

Step #1: Backup your device with iTunes or iCloud, make sure you have more than 50% battery and a working internet connection.

Step #2: Open Safari on your device, and browse to “https://vsharedownloadapp.com” – make sure you are not in private mode.

Step #3: Look for iOS share menu, tap on it, to swipe to “Add to Home Screen” button.

Step #4: Tap on Add to Home Screen button, and rename the clipper to “vShare” – Just as shown in the picture.

Step #5: Return to the home screen, and you will see a vShare app icon there. Just tap on it, and it will begin downloading the app on your device.

Note: In case, if this method does not work, you can always opt for the suitable process that requires downloading vShare Helper on Windows running computer.


vShare Helper is developed by AppVV and works similar to iTunes but only for vShare and its related apps. It allows you to download and install vShare iOS 11 on your device without jailbreaking or going through any robust process. It is effortless to follow the instructions that are given by vShare Helper, and you can just have the latest app running in less than 2 minutes on your iOS device.

Step #1: Download vShare Helper for iOS 11 from here (Windows / macOS)

Step #2: Make sure you have required drivers such as iTunes must be installed but not running.

Step #3: Install vShare Helper, using the given instructions in the installer, or you can follow a guide here.

vShare download pc

Step #4: Connect your iPhone or iPad with a computer, and vShare Helper will automatically detect it.

vShare Helper download

Step #5: You can read a detailed guide here on how you can install vShare iOS 11 using vShare Helper.

install vShare on iPhone


AppVV is the leading party behind vShare, and as you can notice, they are running their old-generation repository still for jailbreak users. You can install their repository on your Cydia, and search for vShare. That’s it.

vShare SE app is quite popular among iOS users because of its fewer restrictions and more possibilities. It is more like a backup plan for everyone. No new jailbreak is coming for iOS users. There are very less chances to see new jailbreak exploits being release. Plenty of apps that are available on vShare Market are quite popular among users, if you are new, you can check one of them:

We already covered hefty guides about apps/games that you can install using vShare. Feel free to give them a read. 

While most of the vShare installation happens without any issue, we noticed some users face problems while getting it working. In case of trouble with vShare Installation, feel free to drop a message. Our tech team is always ready to help people understand and replicate installation process.

vShare for iOS 11 now supports all range of devices. You can use it for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, 6s, and the list goes on! It is best for you to download the specific version of vShare regarding the iOS version you are running.