vShare iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2

Before you download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 and vShare for 10.2, let’s see how you can make the most of vShare for your iOS devices.  vShare was released on 13th September 2011, and it has been working ever since without being getting banned even for a day.  Those who don’t like jailbreak can download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2 to experience jailbreak like freedom.

VShare has made it very easy for users to download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2.  vShare has enjoyed tremendous popularity over the years because it offers iPhone users to download any apps they want with ease and for free. vShare allows you to download any cracked app.  This means that you will not have to a single cent for downloading an app through vShare that is otherwise actually very expensive on the iTunes store.

vShare Market Download

iOS users have to face many restrictions if they want to download any apps, features, extensions or themes other than from App Store or iTunes.   For this they need to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad.   There is only one jailbreak solution Yalu by Luca Todesco and that too isn’t very stable.  Therefore, app installers like vShare, HipStore and Mojo Installer are the new hot cakes in the app world.

Those who do not want to jailbreak their iPhone due to the risks involved in jailbreaking but still want to enjoy the freedom of a jailbroken iPhone can download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 and vShare for iOS 10.2 without any issues.



After you download vShare 10.1.1 and vShare 10.2 you‘d be amazed to see the app galore offered by it.  It’s a whole new world of apps, themes, and extensions which you could only get through jailbreak before this.  Because you can download even paid cracked apps through vShare, it’s not approved by Apple but still you can easily download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2 through vShare Helper.  vShare Helper is the method put forward by vShare itself and it makes the process to download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2 easy and straightforward.


VShare Helper app is developed by vShare team and works like iTunes.  This method is for Windows users and if you have a Mac, you need to follow vShare Mac guide to get vShare for iOS 10.1.1. – 10.2.

Step 1: Download vShare Helper for Windows / Mac on your computer.

Step 2: Run vShare Helper file to begin the installation process.

vShare download pc

Step 3: Once the basic installation is complete, connect your iOS device to the computer.


Step 4: vShare Helper will authorize your device with vShare’s server.

vShare Helper download

Step 5: Once the authorization is complete, click on “Install vShare” button.

install vShare on iPhone

Step 6: This will download vShare Helper for iOS.

download vshare se app

Step 7: Go to ‘Download’ section in vShare Helper and download vShare SE app.

Step 8: Once the download is complete, begin the installation process.

Download VShare

This will install vShare for iOS 10.1.1 and vShare for 10.2 on your iOS device.  This is the best and the easiest way to download vShare for iOS 10.1.1. – 10.2 on your iOS device without jailbreak.  Since vShare is for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices, you can download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2 using Cydia as well.

If you already have Cydia on your iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, all you need is to add vShare’s official repo to Cydia’s repository.  The process to download vShare for iOS 10 and iOS 10.2 is similar to any other app installation through Cydia.

Do bear in mind, whether you download vShare for iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2 on a jailbroken device or on non-jailbroken device, vShare is at sour terms with Apple.  This is because it directly impacts the business of Apple’s App Store.  Although you get cracked paid app for free through vShare, it is your moral obligation to buy the app from App Store once you’ve tested it through vShare.